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Due to the current situation Fetish Affairs is temporarily postponed. Fetish Affairs live parties shall open literally as soon as possible.


To satisfy the decadent cravings of elite-pleasure seekers, whether fetish or non-fetish, Fetish Affairs moved with the times and has expanded and moved online.


Fetish Affairs now offers matchless sensual and erotic virtual live-streaming. Both group live cam show sessions and one-on-one live cam show live sessions with the prettiest girls online are available for elite-pleasure-seekers.


Fetish Affairs Cam shows offer the most beautiful girls in the world oozing with eroticism oozingly determined to overflow and engorge your senses, plus cluster-blow your mind into millions of sparkled-pieces.


Click on the homepage to learn how to jump in on the online cam show virtual live fun. You may also contact Fetish Affairs at FetishAffairs@Gmail.com. And make sure to visit our super Uber-Sexy website at FetishAffairs.com.


To sign up for our titillating newsletter again just visit FetishAffairs.com. Joining the newsletter enables you to see the private membership only blood-pressure raising models list, (the password to see the luscious models list of many hundreds of Fetish Affairs' lovelies goes out in the private membership only newsletters, not immediately).


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